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Police Online Reporting System


If this is an emergency, call 9-1-1

The following incidents CANNOT be reported online.

  • Missing persons
  • Domestic or Physical Violence
  • Stolen license plates
  • Stolen vehicles (includes ALL motorized vehicles & trailers)
  • Sex related crimes

Choose one of the following to file a City of Reno Police Report

Report Type What is this? Example
Burglary Entering a building or structure unlawfully with intent to steal property. A person commits burglary by entering into a building without permission with the intent to commit a crime inside, usually a theft however causing damage without theft can still be a burglary.  Property removed from a locked or unlocked home or business.
You return to your business in the morning and discover a broken window and the cash register is empty. You return to your vehicle after work and notice the glove compartment is open and your wallet has been stolen. You return home from vacation and your sliding door is broken and your tv is missing.
Civil Problem Used for documentation purposes only, such as violations of Court orders, contractual disputes, etc Contract not honored, child visitation not done according to Court order. Landlord tenant issues.
Destruction of Property The intentional damaging of private or public property. CALL 334-2121 IF THIS IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING. Breaking of a window; damage to a mailbox; vehicle tires punctured, etc.
Disturbing the Peace Any person who intentionally disturbs the peace of another.
Person making obscene or improper statements to others, neighbors constantly pounding on the ceiling or walls, loud music, etc. Hang up phone calls.
Graffiti Markings, as initials, slogans, or drawings, written, spray-painted, etched or scratched on private property Spray-painting drawings on a door or wall, defacing signs, drawing gang initials on a vehicle, etc.
Identity Theft Obtaining someone else's personal identifying information and using it to obtain credit, goods or services. Credit card Fraud - suspect fraudulently uses credit card belonging to someone else.
Someone poses as you by using your drivers license, SSN or issuing a forged check in order to obtain money, credit, services (power, cable,etc). Fraud - credit card fraud can be when someone obtains a credit card in your name. Or steals your credit card and uses it fraudulently.
Lost Property When property is lost or misplaced. Property that is missing, property left somewhere as in a restaurant, or property missing from home. Lost or misplaced  prescription pills, lost drivers license or social security card.
Stalking/ harassment no contact order

Stalking harassment no contact violation.

Victim must have an ACTIVE ORDER to use this crime classification. Victim must provide the Restraining Order number in the narrative.

A report is made when the adverse party does not follow the rules set forth by the protection order, such as calling, having others call for them, texting, e-mailing or driving past a location listed on the order as not allowed.
Suspicious Circumstances Suspicious activities, persons, vehicles. Report unknown, unauthorized, or suspicious persons and/or vehicles observed in the vicinity.
Theft Your property is taken without your permission. Please note: Stolen Vehicles or license plates may not be reported online. Your lawn mower is stolen out of your yard, your bicycle is stolen from a rack, etc. Suspect has access to steal the item (i.e. suspect is at the victim's house attending a party or suspect stole purse from under a slot machine in a Casino)
Threat/Harassment Report a person who threatens to cause bodily harm or threatens to cause physical damage to another person's property either in person, by phone, texting, e-mail, notes, letters, etc. Threats to cause personal injury to another person or property, either by the suspect or by a third person.
TPO Violation Domestic For reporting a domestic violence protection order violation. A report is made when the adverse party does not follow the rules set forth by the protection order, such as calling, having others call for them or driving past a location listed on the order as not allowed.
Traffic Accident

(You may instead choose to complete a DMV SR-1 Report Of Traffic Accident form.)
Traffic Accident occurred on private property or city street. For accidents occurring on the freeway, or freeway on-ramps/off-ramps, please contact the Nevada Highway Patrol. Someone backed out of a parking space in the parking lot and hit my car. Be sure to use direction of travel, North, South, East or West. Include the street names or physical address of parking lot.
Trespassing Entering another's property without permission. Entering the backyard of a home without permission; returning to a home or business after one has been warned not to be there.
Vehicle Burglary Property is stolen from a motor vehicle. Stolen equipment or belongings from a vehicle. Items do not need to be stolen to catagorize as Burglary- if suspect enters the vehicle without permission and rumages through items but does not steal anything, it is still a burglary.
Vehicle Tampering Any person that removes or tampers with any part of a vehicle to make it unsafe to drive, or prevent it from operating. Cutting a vehicle's brake lines, loosening the lug nuts, pouring sugar into the gas tank, etc.

Additional Information

Collision Reports

Drivers who are involved in a traffic collision reported in the City of Reno will be able to obtain copies of their crash reports from an online website rather than having to respond to the Reno Police Station.

Tip Reporting

  • Anonymously report info regarding any crime. Call 775-322-4900 or visit Secret Witness.
  • Drug Tips: Report info regarding person(s) using, selling or distributing drugs.
  • Homeland Security Tips: Report info regarding person(s) involved in threating activities that may concern Homeland Security.


These are usually neighborhood nuisance situations. You will not receive a permanent case number.

  • Animal Call/Report: To report any type of animal call/report, contact Washoe Animal Control at 775-322-3647.
  • Graffiti Tagging: Contact Reno Direct online or at 775-334-4636 to get graffiti removed.
    If you are the owner of the property and want to report the graffiti as vandelism, please file a new police report.
  • Traffic Issues: Submit complaint via Reno Direct (775-334-4636) for traffic issues such as chronic speeding, speeding in school zones and radar trailer requests.


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