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Northern Nevada Repeat Offender Program                                      775-334-2115

The Repeat Offender Program is aimed at identifying that small proportion of "career criminals" in the community and ensures that they are held responsible for their actions. The result of this initiative is more than just an increased level of monitoring of repeat offenders in our communities. It also provides for an accelerated response by police, parole, probation and prosecutors in the event of a re-arrest.

Regional Sex Offender Notification Unit                                             775-353-2244

Under the provisions of NRS 179B.250, the public is authorized to gain access to certain sex offender information. The Regional Sex Offender Notification Unit takes on the considerable responsibility for implementing the State law regarding the registration and monitoring of convicted sex offenders in Washoe County. The sex offender registration information is constantly updated due to new registrants and the relocation of existing registrants. Click here for more information and important links.

Street Enforcement Team                                                                       775-334-3065

Regional Gang Unit                                                                                 775-334-3852

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