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Fire Stations
High Rise Safety
Technical Teams

Emergency Operations cover primarily four main areas of service:

  • Fire Response
  • Medical Response
  • Special Operations
  • Miscellaneous Hazards

Fire Response entails protecting the community from threat of fire and reduce or eliminate property loss and damage experienced by those following a fire.  Quick response, training, equipment, logistical support and concern are all an integral part of our fire response.  Types of responses are: 

  1. Urban and suburban structural fire response
  2. Widland urban interface fires
  3. Wildland fire
  4. Special fire emergencies, i.e. transportation, industrial, etc.

Medical Response on a daily basis and during city-wide special events are part of a two-tiered Advanced Life Support EMS (Emergency Medical Services) system.  Focus is on the patient and responders are trained in basic and advanced EMS skills.

Special Operations allow us to respond to a variety of situations, not limited to but including:

  1. Hazardous Materials:  Spills, Leaks, Fire
  2. Technical Rescues:  Swift Water Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Structural Collapse, High Rise Rescue situations and Heavy Rescue
Other Miscellaneous Hazards that are a threat to public safety we respond to are:
  1. Vehicle accidents
  2. Weather related property damage
  3. Electrical emergencies
  4. Gas leaks
  5. Carbon Monoxide emergencies
  6. Fuel spills

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