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Registration Guidelines


To provide a set of guidelines for identifying and nominating historic properties to the City of Reno’s Register of Historic Places. It details specific steps you should take to help you prepare nomination form for the City Register.

City of Reno Register of Historic Places Nomination Guidelines -- DRAFT 11-05-2013
Comments on the draft City of Reno Register of Historic Places Nomination Guidelines will be accepted through November 15, 2013.  Please contact Claudia Hanson at (775) 334-2381. 

Do you own a Historic Property?
The City of Reno contains structures and areas that embody a sense of time and place unique to our Nation, the State of Nevada, or the City of Reno. Many of these commercial and domestic buildings exemplify and reflect cultural values, and economic, political, or architectural history. Thus, these resources are an important part of our built environment and are worthy of preservation. If you think you have a historic property, you should consider nominating it to the Reno City Register of Historic Places. In addition to receiving recognition for your property, you will also be contributing to a sense of Community in Reno.

Do I have a Historic Property?
If your property is fifty years old or older, it may be eligible for listing on the City Register of Historic Places. The HRC may make exceptions for outstanding examples of certain architectural styles or those associated with important people in Reno’s history.

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