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Proposed Medical Marijuana Establishments Code


Notice of Hearing for the adoption of regulations and licensing fees for Medical Marijuana Establishments by the City of Reno

In compliance with NRS 237.080, local governments are to notify trade associations or owners and officers of businesses that are likely to be affected by the adoption of a proposed rule, that you may submit data or arguments to the governing body, or its designee, if you believe the adoption of the referenced rule will either: (a) impose a direct and significant economic burden upon business, or (b) directly restrict the formation, operation or, expansion of a business.

The proposed rule pertains to the adoption of regulations to Reno Municipal Code Title 5 entitled “Privileged Licenses, Permits and Franchises”; Chapter 5.05 entitled “Licenses Generally” by adding City Council review for medical marijuana establishments and by adding a new Chapter 5.21, entitled “Medical Marijuana Establishments” to provide for the licensing and requirements to operate medical marijuana establishments, including dispensaries, cultivation facilities, testing laboratories, and production facilities, which are registered and permitted by the State of Nevada under NRS Chapter 453A. In addition, establishing licensing fees associated with the operation of medical marijuana establishments within the corporate limits of the City.

The Reno City Council will next be hearing the proposed ordinance amendments at their regularly scheduled meeting on August 20, 2014

You may view the proposed ordinance in order to formulate data or arguments here:
Title 5 Entitled "Privileged Licenses, Permits and Franchises" (Updated 07/01/2014)
Exhibit A "Medical Marijuana Establishment Fee Schedule FY2014/15"

Questions should be directed to Michael Chaump, Business Relations Manager for the City of Reno, at (775) 334-2090 or

You may also view the Certified Business Impact Statement for this amendment. The original documents may be viewed in person at the City Clerk's Office in Reno City Hall.

Reno City Hall is located at 1 East First Street, Reno, NV, 89501. Parking is available in the Cal-Neva parking garage with access on Center Street.

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