Biggest Little City

Building, Planning and Engineering Division


General Information

Other information and specific help is available from the Community Development Department, 1 East First Street, at the Development and Business Services Center on the 2nd floor. 




Virtual Permit Place, Master Plan, Applications

TheVirtual Permit Place allows citizen access to City data on parcels, planning case information and building permit information. Documents including the Zoning Code, Master Plan, engineering standards and application forms may be downloaded from the City's site. Permits may be issued online to contractors who have registered at the Permit Place and received a password. Permits for water heater replacement, furnace replacement, lawn sprinklers and air conditioners are available.


Access to Maps

We offer an onlineGIS Mapserver with information on zoning, sewers, parcels, aerial photography and more.   For questions, please call the planner of the day at 775-321-8309.


Zoning Code

The City of Reno Zoning Code and the rest of the Municipal Code is available online.  Please direct all questions to the planner of the day at 775-321-8309.
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