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2010 Stats



There were ten reported on the job injuries in 2010.  There were three repetive motion injuries that required medical treatment and seven other injures which,fortunately, did not.  This represented a 20% increase from 2009.  Static and electrical shocks in the hand and ears continue to be a problem although the number of shock related workers compensation claims were lower than in 2009.  In July ECOMM purchased 11 heavy duty mats which are engineered with a grounding wire to dissipate electrostatic discharge and the potential for shock.  

During this reporting period 84 complaints and 5 commendations were received from citizens and User Agencies (.01% of calls received) showing an overall decrease in complaints of 8%.  There were 11 more reportable liability issues than in 2009 which equated to a 39% increase in liability issues. 

There was a significant change on a day to day basis of fire staffing at the various stations which caused initial confusion for the dispatchers. 

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