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New Works from the Studio Art Quilt Associates - STRATA

September 19th - November 4th

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Metro Gallery in City Hall hosts the collective work of over twenty five quilt artists.  STRATA represent a multitude of variations and ideas expressed with fiber, paint and other multi-media.  Themes that include nature, family, music, culture and abstraction of thought, stories and home all expressed in a colorful assemblage.

Exhibiting artists include Karen Mae Balos, Karin Lusnak, Maria Billings, Jackie Manley, Sonja Campbell, Denise Oyama Miller, Joan Dyer, Dolores Miller, Aileyn Renli Ecob, Patricia Reed Porter, Cassandra Elberg-Gibson, Sandra Poteet, Margaret Fabrizio, Sharon Rossi, Diane Goff, Nancy Ryan, Kathleen Grady, Ann Sanderson, Ann Grundler, Lin Schiffner, Mirka Knaster, Roxanne Schwartz, Jennifer Landau, Sui Siefkin, Maureen Lardie, Gail Patricia Sims, Lleana L Soto, Sandra Louise Wagner and Martha Wolfe.

The Studio Art Quilt Associates is an international, non-profit organization that promotes art quilt and all things art quilt related since 1989.  Currently the SAQA has more than 3,400 members who are artists, teachers, collectors, gallery owners and corporate sponsors.

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