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Old Moana Swimming Pool at 240 W. Moana Ln. - Open 24 hours | Idlewild Park, Nevada Peace Officers Memorial at 2055 Idlewild Dr. - Open 24 hours | Public Works Corporation Yard at 1640 E. Commercial Row - Open Tuesday through Friday from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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For Construction Bids visit Reno E-Plan Room

For all current and past bids, please visit the Reno E-Plan Room. Potential bidders are responsible for checking this section regularly to see if any addenda have been added. 

RFPs and RFQs

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Application for Local Emerging Small Business (ESB) Certification through the Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development.

The location to drop off your Bids and Request for Proposals is the Office of the City Clerk, unless otherwise indicated on the bid documents. Be sure and advise staff that you have documents that must be date and time stamped.

Current items are posted below.

RFP NumberTitleStartingClosingStatus
030128030128 - Administrative Hearing Officer RFQ01/25/201702/15/2017 3:00 PMClosed
030127030127 - Reno Sports Complex Concession Stand Operations01/30/201702/10/2017 3:00 PMClosed
RFQ 030089RFQ 030089 - Developing, Operating and Maintaining Pembroke Recreational Complex01/30/201703/09/2017 3:00 PMOpen
RFP 030127 - Addendum 1Reno Sports Complex Concession Stand Operations - Addendum 101/30/201702/10/2017 3:00 PMClosed
RFP 030127 - Addendum 2Reno Sports Complex Concession Stand Operations - Addendum 201/30/201702/10/2017 3:00 PMClosed
RFP 030127 - Addendum 3Reno Sports Complex Concession Stand Operations - Addendum 3NEW!02/08/2017 11:52 AM02/10/2017 3:00 PMClosed
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