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Metro Gallery

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City Hall's Metro Gallery

Metro Gallery - Hans Siig & Francesca Saveri 

June 26 – August 11, 2017

Reception: July 6th, 2017 5:00pm – 7:00pm

  Image is separated into two images with text underneath; left: two brown curvy wooden sculptures with a white background and wood floor, right: green painting with specks of color - yellow, red, blue; text: Defining Space through Color and Form, Hans Siig & Francesca Saveri, June 26 - August 11

Metro Gallery in Reno City Hall hosts sculptor Hans Siig and abstract multimedia artist Francesca Saveri. The combination of Siig’s woodworking and Saveri’s colorful hanging work complements each other beautifully, each expressing their own identities through a sense of geographic space. Much of Saveri’s work is inspired by the environment around her; her creative process influenced mostly by the confluence of the nature in both Brazil and California. As for Siig, much of his work is inspired by years sailing Lake Tahoe and the San Francisco Bay, the Nevada Desert, and his Danish heritage. They both are interested in the positive effects of concepts, shapes, color, and material, and how it seems to echo outward and affect people’s emotions, health, inspiration, and soulful integrity. 

The underlying theme of this exhibition is to explore, through their unique artwork, how to inspire a better connection to others - and in turn, influence curiosity, imagination, and change. The paired exhibit features Siig’s wood sculptures and Saveri’s colorful constructions, to create an inspiring landscape in the whole gallery. 

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