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2008 Green Summit

The first Green Summit was held in April of 2007 and served as a dialogue between Council, staff, and citizens on what the City could do to make Reno more "green". There were almost 400 people in attendance. The 2008 Green Summit is intended to be a report back to the community on action taken since the last summit, and a continued dialogue on what the City should have as priorities in the 2008-2009 Green Action plan.


1:00-1:45 Welcome by Mayor and Council and Report to Community

1:45-2:30 Keynote Speaker- Rocky Anderson, Former Mayor of Salt Lake City

2:30-3:00 Break

3:00-5:00 Concurrent Break-Out Sessions –Moderated

A- Single Stream Recycling and Plastic Bag Bans

B- Education/Youth Programs-EnAct/Youth City Council

C- Green Building and Sierra Green Guidelines

D- Transportation

Keynote Speaker - The Honorable Rocky Anderson, founder of High Road for Human Rights, practiced law for 21 years; representing plaintiffs in antitrust, securities fraud, professional negligence, and civil rights cases. He then served as mayor of Salt Lake City from 2000 to 2008.

His comprehensive environmental programs, including an aggressive climate protection campaign, achieved a 31% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in Salt Lake City's municipal operations.

For his leadership on climate change, Anderson received the Climate Protection Award from the EPA, the Distinguished Service Award from the Sierra Club, and the World Leadership Award from the World Leadership Forum.

Anderson is the only US mayor who has presented in conjunction with the United Nations Climate Change Conferences in New Delhi, Buenos Aires, and Bali. He was the only mayor who consulted in London with the assistants to heads of state in preparation for the 2005 G8 Conference, at which climate change was one of only two major agenda items. A founder and co-host of Sundance Summit: A Mayors' Gathering on Climate Protection. Anderson has also presented at numerous conferences throughout the US, as well as in Australia and Sweden.

Anderson is now working to achieve municipal and regional support for climate protection initiatives and to provide grassroots education and advocacy opportunities in the areas of human rights and climate change

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